Anonymous Manuscript Extract #5

It’s good, once you’re in. That’s what everyone always says in Tassie, and that was what Lucy told herself then.  She began wading out, busting through the foamy lines, until it became deep enough for her to dive under. The first wave she dove beneath was gritty and sand-churned, and she frog-kicked below its turbulence … Continue reading Anonymous Manuscript Extract #5

Are you our new Web Editor?

Transportation Press Web Editor Transportation Press is an independent press based in Tasmania, publishing work from around the world. We endeavour to have an active online presence between publishing our books and running competitions like Smoke, an annual international microfiction competition. We are looking for a Web Editor to oversee and maintain our website and … Continue reading Are you our new Web Editor?

Dalian what futures? The origin story.

Daniel Young is the winner of our first Smoke international microfiction competion. Here he tells the origin story of Dalian Blood Futures, the piece which took the prize. Dalian what futures? The origin story. by Daniel Young I used to work for an investment bank (don’t hate me, my self-loathing is quite sufficient to cover … Continue reading Dalian what futures? The origin story.