Transportation Press was accidentally founded in 2014. It is a publishing house based in Tasmania, publishing illuminating literature from Tasmania and from around the world. We seek out and inspire writing that is effulgent and courageous and we bring it to print.

The press began with a particular short story found in a slush pile, one that arrested the attention of an editor, Rachel Edwards trawling through submissions on a flight back home to Tasmania. It was written by a most singular London based Tasmanian, Tadhg Muller. From there, an unexpected international connection was made between this editor and a writer, both hungry to instigate a project of substance. Now, with two books published (Islands and Cities, new short stories from London and Tasmania, and The Third Script, new stories from Iran, Tasmania and the UK), we have published work from around the world and are inspired to be the conduit for excellent new stories to be told.

The press currently pays our writers, designers and printers and we are working to pay other crucial roles. We work with an excellent team of people from Tehran to Nottingham, San Jose to Hobart, many of them volunteering in roles such as media liaison, proof editors, marketing.

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