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THE THIRD SCRIPT, stories from Iran, Tasmania & the UK
Transportation Press, 2016
Editors: Rachel Edwards, Shirindokht Nourmanesh, Sean Preston
Introduction: Amanda Lohrey
Design: Kelly Eidjenberg, Poco People

A Collection of short stories from writers at varying stages in their career, from emerging to internationally acclaimed, of open theme from three locations, Iran, Tasmania & the UK.

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Foreword Amanda Lohrey
Watching the Cricket on a Windy Day Bert Spinks
Lean On Me Shreya Sen Handley
In the Afternoon, the Goat Has All The Answers Ramin Zahed
Leisureland Amber Wilson
Is There Something Wrong? Nooshin Vahidi
Tom’s Eyes Matt G Turpin
There are No Jellyfish in El Paso Nazli Artemia
Dancing in Red Square Moniro Ravanipour
The Tiger Quoll Robbie Arnott
A War Siamak Vossoughi
Sing kunanyi Zane Pinner
The Punch Line Lisa Fontaine
The Swim Back Ruairi Murphy
The Carnivorous Business Algorithm or The Spam Email Rag Andrew J Lambie
The Backwards March David McGrath
Waxina Fereshteh Molavi
Clarity Jamie Collinson
Katrin Farhad Babaei
The Deal the Deal the Deal Lucinda Shannon
May I Have a Word? Shirindokht Nourmanesh