Bert Spinks

Bert Spinks is a writer, poet, storyteller and bushwalking guide from Tasmania. His work spans a variety of genres, looking at history, geography, travel, politics, culture, beer, and Aussie Rules football.
To find out more about Bert, and to follow him you can go to Bert’s website where there is a stack load of information, and a load of links to thinks he has done is doing and has been a part of.
One thing Bert has something of a reputation for is his prowess at the art of performing and reading a story.
Bert features in our second collection, and we’ve asked him to fire us something over that we can put on our website before we start working to get the funds together to get our third collection out… which is imminent! Details of editors invited writers, and selected writers to follow… then the big job, Crowdfunding!

Here’s what he fired us – have a listen

Thank you Bert… stay tuned.






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