Visuel-Com-Franco-1050x741Transportation Press will soon be announcing our print program for 2018-19. In the meantime we will be posting anonymous quotes from novels we like. The first person to pick the novel will receive a free copy of one of our publications (until we run out!), and if they already have a copy we will give them a free copy of our next published collection.

“As soon as we stepped off the Blanco y Negra – the black-and-white bus that heads south – and felt the first lash of the blazing sun in the vast emptiness, he felt an overwhelming thirst for violence, a thirst he had to slake: blonde gringas – not blonde like me, because my hair is like a ripe mango while theirs was the colour of sun-scorched wheat, a pale flax. I have to say I also felt a burning rage to see how many dumb gringos came to our country in search of the seven deadly sins, in an attempt to ‘find themselves’.”

Image – Fernell Franco

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