“Dear Editor,
When will you be opening submissions?”

“Dear Writer,
I’m afraid submissions have closed.”

What?! But I’ve only just heard about Transportation.”

…Is a conversation I’ve been having in various guises over the last month or so.

A fair point; this Islands And Cities project has gained immense momentum in the last month. I’ve seen the deadline for submissions come and go, and yet the submission enquiries persist.

“Is there any chance you can just take this one piece?”

“If I did, I’d have to take all the late submissions.”

“Great idea, Mr. Editor! Open submissions again.”

“Sorry, I meant that more as an objection. Sorry.”

Never say sorry twice in the same sentence.

“Don’t be sorry, dear Editor, just accept my submission. 😉 ”

I think I might have to, despite my distaste for winky faces (perhaps I’ll accept all fiction submitted without a winky face in the body of the email – and burn the rest). The truth is that this Transportation project has received way more exposure over the last month than it ever has. Some of the names attached and providing content to it have been a real coup.  I’m not the only one who has noticed, clearly. In fact, on the London side of things at least, we’ve had more submissions since our submissions window closed than preceding it.

We’re going to open the submissions window for a short time, in short. A week’s window will allow ample opportunity for anyone hoping to submit to do so. So from  Saturday, July 12th  till Monday 21st July (midnight) you can submit your piece of fiction with the theme of ‘Islands and Cities’ to Transportation. For details on how to do so, see here.

But what if you’re one of those that were punctual in submitting during the original window? Hardly seems fair if we accept submissions now after you’ve rushed a submission in. Too right. You’ll be able to resubmit your piece as well, if you like. And look at it like this: you’ll feel so much smugger when I select your piece and you were from the original batch. Smugness – whilst not a virtue, I’m told – is the reward of the expeditious.

Get writing/rewriting/submitting.

Please also take a moment to get involved  with the crowd-funding campaign to pay the writers (ie, you) attached to Transportation. Top value rewards, I’d say (not least of all those Open Pen subscriptions – *winky face*).

Sean Preston,
London Editor

You can burn an email if you print it, Smart Alec.

Other editor’s note:
Tasmanian submissions are welcome too – the word has been out a lot longer here and the work we have received already is of a very high standard, let’s see what this brings.
Rachel Edwards
Tasmanian editor

* for a short time only.

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