Akis Papantonis is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cologne. He has published prose in English and Greek literary magazines, and has translated Miroslav Penkov’s short stories and Raymond Carver’s poems into Greek. For his first book, the novella Karyotype (Kichli, 2014), he was awarded the Anagnostis 2015 First Book Award.
We are really please to have Akis’s story ‘Lights That Never Go Out’ in Smoke One, Transportation Press’ first collection of the best work from our international microfiction competition.
Transportation Press has always been about Tasmanian writers, and connecting Tasmanian writers with authors and editors in distant places… and because of this the inclusion of a writer from Greece is absolutely brilliant.
In acknowledgment of this we have asked Akis to create some audio files for us, and Akis has kindly obliged.

Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver

Follow the post below to go to our website and to hear Akis read his own work, Rear View Window, in Greek & English, and to read one of the Raymond Carver poems, Morning, Thinking of Empire, Carver in Greek & English also too.


Order your copy of Smoke, 21 microfiction stories here. 

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