Over the next three days we’ll feature three poems by Pippa Hennessy,  Project Director for the Nottingham City of Literature campaign and director of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio.


Quarry Beach

Do you remember the old ladder?

its broken step halfway down,

thorns scratching hands that clung

to ropes

and rotting wood.

We climbed down anyway

to where great granite eggs

make thunder under the waves.

Our bare feet took us over seaweed

and limpets

to see orange beaks

flash past, crying look at me

and we wished we could fly.

A seal swimming southwards

as usual

stopped briefly:

why do beasts with such long flippers

refuse to play with me in the waves?

One stone on another, we built

a tower to remind the sea

we were here

for a while

I sat, warming my back, hatching

an image

of the sun and the sea

and of you


Author Bio:

Pippa Hennessy has published poetry, short fiction, graphic short stories and  creative non-fiction in various magazines and anthologies. She is Development Director at Nottingham Writers’ Studio, Project Director for Nottingham’s UNESCO City of Literature bid, and works for Five Leaves Publications. In a past life she was a software developer, but she’s feeling much better now.