Poet Musing












by Stephen N Johnstone (Poet Musing)

I am caged,
locked up for thinking
Thinking without speaking,
I have been tailed.

Too many leaked ideas,
Synaptic exchanges,
I could not refrain,
 My mind has been read.

the voices say
 a cracked cranium
a pneumatic drill
Unresolved problem

It’s there of course.
Next to Truth.
The truth will out.
It must.
To ease the pressure.

That’s when they nail you,
Aah, We thought so?
Your thinking is banned!
side and Out
 Understand !

Stay in your cave and behave.
My cave is too small and I am too tall

So I go, round in circles,
umping through hoops
waiting for the fuse to detonate.

Dance around the walls.

Talk out loud,
As my mess climbs.  

Time to be clear.
Again ?
I am always clear.
Inbetween gray.

 What do they want ?

 Shakespeare ?
RP English?
A hidden code,
for moral censors ?

Pain is clear,
Angst is clear.
Hurt is clear.
Social Justice is clear.
Being human is clear.
Gray is clear,
The truth is here,
The truth is clear

 A cathartic purge does not cross the t’s.

See between lines,
Write as you Speak.

 Look between gray.

Good day.

“They are coming to take me away

Stephen.N.Johnstone (Poet Musing) is a professional , who works with Wood,Words,People and Plants in caring,resourceful and creative ways. He likes to stretch boundaries, metaphors, vistas and understanding and is committed to Social Justice and the plight of the disadvantaged. He is always ready to help.

A critical analytical thinker who strives for understanding yet, comic, quirky and funny. Quack.
Facebook name – Poet Musing, also has videos on You Tube.