As part of our series of reading from writers, snippets and pages, we are featuring someone we like to refers to as ‘BLOODY ROBBIE!’, because he is so damn good. Robbie Arnott has a way of nailing a story, and just about anything he turns his hand to. Robbie’s stories have been widely published, in 2014 he won the Scribe Non Fiction prize, and was awarded the Tasmanian Young Writer’s Fellowship in 2015. Robbie has very kindly filmed himself eating a pizza, and reading the first page of his short story ‘The Tiger Quoll’ which is a ripper.

We will soon be launching our third collection, and announcing our next location, to add to Tasmania, UK, and Iran. If you like seeing young writers like Robbie in print we’d ask you to buy a copy (if you haven’t already) and if you have buy one for a friend! Seriously, who needs champagne, chocolate boxes, roses… what better gift than this great collection of short stories. And hell, do like Robbie, read it to pizza.