Flit Poster Flit brings energy into darker, lesser known lit spaces of the world and has a general policy of inclusion. We would love to consider your project and we will do our best to accommodate it.
Other voices, rock and roll, ancient poetry slammed now, lit stand up. We want you, pitch an idea, if we love it we’ll help you find a space and pop you in the program.

Let us know what you’ve got either by completing this form or responding to the questions below –

What is your proposal?

What do you need to see this happen?

Have you done similar events? (tell us about them)

What infrastructure do you need for the event?

What are your technical requirements?

Will there be an entry/participation fee?

What is it? (Flit encourages flexibility around this, waged unwaged etc)

What is the duration of your show/event/workshop/reading?

How many times would you like to perform/host, etc?

What audience numbers would you like and how many can you realistically expect?

What are your website/FB/twitter/instagram/various social media handles?

Please attache a 50 word personal bio and an image of self, or publication, work in a lit space.

Will you billet a visiting artist? (Hobart only)

Any questions?
Please send your responses by email to –
rachel at transportationpress.net